Basic safety measures to take while working with power tools

There are some people who love to engage themselves in household works in garages and other DIY projects. Whether there is a need to fix something in your house or to build something decorative that will change the look of any room, they don’t prefer to get help from other professionals. They like to do it their selves. It ensures the perfection of the work along with the efficiency. These types of works require certain tools that can be both handtools and powertools. It can be a tricky thing to choose your power tools from the wide range of varieties that are available in the market. Power tools come with a lot of features now. But the first thing someone should consider before buying a power tool is the safety measures it contains. A lot of injuries occur because of the low safety features of the power tools. It also happens because of the lacking in precautions of the user.

The power tool can be extremely dangerous in hands of people who don’t know how to use it properly. According to a survey that was conducted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, approximately 400,000 people get into hospitals with injuries caused by indoor power tools per year. This survey clearly shows the importance of safety measures during the usage of power tools. There are some basic safety precautions for the users that can decrease the chances of injuries during working with power tools. Other surveys state that power tools with blades like different saws, lawn mowers, wood chippers are mostly responsible for injuries. In addition to that, drilling and puncturing tools are also extremely dangerous as well.

You should never carry the power tools by their cords and avoid disconnecting the cords from the power source by yanking the cable. If it is a three-prong plug then use a three-pin holder for better safety. While using an adapter, you should keep in mind that the cable should be attached to the ground. You should always use heavy duty cables when it comes to extension cables and beware of using indoor rated cables outside the premises. You should always keep the cords away from oil, water, and other liquid stuff along with sharp edges that can damage the cables. The power tools should not be connected to any power source when it is not being used. Same thing should be followed when the accessories are being cleaned or changed. You should always keep a safe distance from the power tools while working like not keeping your hand or fingers around the sharp blades to drills during work. You should also avoid loose clothes for comfortable work experience. You should use clothes along with face protection as many objects can fly around while working with power tools that can easily harm your sensitive organs.

By taking these simple precautions, vital injuries from power tools can be easily avoided.